My name is Pete Smith and I have a shop here in Niles, “Pete Smith’s Automotive” and my little shop takes a toll on my back, neck, and hips. I have been through 18-22 different chiropractors and hands down Dr. Toby Mitchell is by far the best in the business. I’ve went to several other chiropractic clinics and most were 50/50 at best with curing or even treating my symptoms. Dr. Toby Mitchell gets me fixed up the way I need to be 100% of the time everytime. Clear Choice Chiropractic is the clear choice for sure. They will always be my first and only choice. Thanks Dr. Mitchell and thank you all that make up the entire team at Clear Choice. Most appreciated.

– Pete Smith

I have been having neck and low back pain for some time. About six weeks ago I started coming to Clear Choice Chiropractic for adjustments two times a week. I am feeling more relaxed and having less pain. It is not a quick fix but given time improves the stress and pain level.

– Dale Sherwood

Finally! A chiropractor who is helping me with an old hip injury and my daughter with her scoliosis. We’ve been looking for a good chiropractor for three years since moving out west, with no luck until
now. It’s nice to have relief from the discomfort. This is after less than one month of adjustments!

-Diane Filatov

I was always skeptical of chiropractors, thought they were “quacks.” I was very wrong. I’ve been a patient of Clear Choice Chiropractic for about a year. Day and night difference. I feel, sleep, and work better. Recently I suffered a car accident again, Clear Choice Chiropractic to the rescue. I honestly don’t know where I would be without them, probably on a lot of main meds. I love that they are in my home town of Edwdardsburg too.

-Tonya Smith